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Improve your conversation in a fun way

We spend our lives doing language courses, but we know how difficult it is to achieve fluency without a regular practice. We identify the main constraints:

Psychological Factors

Our studies indicate 3 major psychological limiters: Shyness, insecurity, fear of speaking wrong.


Quotidian Factors

3 main quotidian limiters:
Lack of time, lack of people to practice, lack of places to practice.

Way of Learning

Way of Learning

There are great language schools.
Through our technology, we are complementary to all of them.

Try and share Matefy, the perfect place to practice other languages with incredible people.

How it works?

Matefy App - Home

Choose by language levels,
search by interests

Initially contact people with language level compatible with yours. This will make them feel more comfortable.

Over time you can opt for people with more advanced level.

Search by proximity or around the world.

Also, search for hashtags of your interest, so your first conversations will be more quiet and pleasant.

Music, travel, movies, career, style, dance ...

Anyway, the choice is all yours!

Como funciona?

Matefy App - Home 2

Show your interest. If you have a match, start a conversation.

1. To demonstrate interest, click the heart.

2. Wait for an answer.

3. If you give match, send a voice message.

4. Explore possibilities:
Schedule a trip, a walk in the park, a dinner, watching a cinema release or even take that beer to put in
practice your foreign side.

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